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Cam Newton Wallpaper

This is the first wallpaper I have posted on this site. I had several on my old site( but none of them were quite like this. I used a totally different style than what I normally use and it turned out pretty good I think.

Cam Newton is of course the Carolina Panthers #1 overall draft pick, and instant NFL superstar. If I were you, I would probably look for more Cam pieces from me down the line!

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Bobcats Issue Thunder and Lightning Warning!

Thunder and Lightning

*Click the image to view in FULL SIZE!

The Bobcats selected Kemba Walker at #9 and traded for Bismack Biyombo at #7 in last nights NBA Draft! They will join forces in Charlotte to make a Severe Thunder and Lightning storm! I decided it was only proper to warn the world that a storm will soon be sweeping through NBA arenas very soon.

This warning is “Effective Everywhere For A Long Time…” but “Charlotte has a Bright Future!”

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NOTES: Photo was taken by Jeff Siner. The Charlotte Bobcats can use this poster for web purposes if they would like!

Kawhi Leonard in a Bobcats Jersey

kawhi leonard cats jersey

I guess it’s Kawhi Leonard day on DieboltDesigns. No it’s not really….but it is only 4 days away from the NBA Draft. Who will your team draft?

This is just a preview at what Kawhi Leonard would look like in a Charlotte Bobcats uniform should he drop to the 9th pick.

NOTE: I know Stephen Jackson is #1 on the Cats. But Leonard’s number at SDS is also taken(15) by Gerald Henderson. I kept him in #1 because he would be the Bobcats #1 selection if drafted by the team.

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*Click the image to view full size!

Kawhi Leonard Sig

kawhi sig copy

I tried some different things in this sig and they turned out well I think. I like the effect I did on the left side with the fading vertical picture effect alot. Text looks good on this one too!

*Kawhi Leonard is a 2011 NBA Draft Prospect. I would to see him drafted by my Charlotte Bobcats. Guess we’ll see what happens on Thurday night!

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“Inspired by a little Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay”

Big sean

This was not actually  inspired by Marvin Gaye or Chardonnay.

It was just a quick piece. I used some different effects on this and I like the result. “Whoa der boi”

Hit the jump to view version 2-


Lil Wayne ‘Dear Anne’ Unofficial Cover

Dear Anne

Lil Wayne’s new song ‘Dear Anne’ just dropped courtesy of @KarenCivil on Twitter! Great song by Wayne. For those who dont know, it’s a sequel to the classic track called ‘Stan’ by Eminem.

The cover was quick and simple, but it gives a dark feeling just like the song. Eminem’s ‘Stan’ artwork featured his face so I felt it was right to have Wayne’s face on an ‘Anne’ cover.

Last note: Tweet this to @KarenCivil and ask her to use it on her site!

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Lil Wayne Unofficial MTV Unplugged Covers!

Lil Wayne’s MTV Unplugged aired tonight on MTV and he performed some of his biggest hits. He also performed Tupac’s Hail Mary and a new song called Nightmares of the Bottom.

Due to popular demand I unofficially produced a few covers for MP3 files from Unplugged. Feel free to use them when you download the audio, or the official audio becomes available via MTV for your computer or iPod.

Kanye West Sig


I haven’t done a Kanye sig or piece in a looooonnnnggggg time. Im glad I did because it’s safe to say this is one of my best! I really like the style of this sig and I may try making a few other similar to this.

Subtext says ‘Lost In The World’ which is one of the song’s on Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album. I chose that text because I was listening to the song while I made the sig. Music influences thoughts I guess…..thanks Yeezy.

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Kyrie Irving Cavs Jersey Switch

Last year I did the John Wall Wizards jersey switch(can be found on the Old Work page) and this year it’s Kyrie Irving. He’s projected to go number one overall to the Cleveland Cavs. Hit the jump to see the original image!


Tha Carter 4 Unofficial Poster


Tha Carter IV, Lil Wayne’s next and most highly anticipated album, drops August 29th. It’s already being speculated that it will be a classic. That’s where the inspiration for this piece came from. I wanted a classic old movie poster feel. The black and white coloring and weathering effect makes the poster feel old when you look at it. There is a hidden but pretty clever fact about this poster and if you find out what it is I will send you a free DieboltDesigns sticker. Yes a sticker…it’s better than nothing!

If I get 5 guesses in the comments I will give a clue as to what I am looking for….other wise you are on your own! It could be anything! *You likely need to pull up the image in Photoshop to figure out what it is.*

UPDATE! JUNE 9th! New clue! 2 objects in this image are ‘#the album initials times 3’!

UPDATE 2: Contest has ended. The correct answer was the fact that the 2 circles between the date have the color code of “#C4C4C4″. Thanks to those who entered! Sorry that no one could win!

In order to win you must post in the comments section!

Click the poster to pull up the full sized image!

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Welcome to the brand new DIEBOLTDESIGNS official site! Hopefully you have been a frequent visitor at the old site( and you will continue to visit me here on!

Why did I move? Blogspot was great but I need more room to expand! By coming over to WordPress I have options that I have never had before. Just be on the lookout for all kinds of brand new ideas as time goes on!


-ALL of my old work from will be available on this new site very soon. I am currently in the process of transferring everything.

-New work will continue to be posted on a regular basis…send me a request if you have one! I will try to get it done and it will be posted to the site!

-All of my t-shirt designs are still available on and, of course, new designs will be added all the time!

As always….Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


-Jesse Diebolt


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