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8 Bit Bieber

8bb copy

For fun. Have a great day :)

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Kanye West (June Eighteenth Album) Cover

KW copy2

Last week Kanye West tweeted “June Eighteeth” and it is assumed that’s his *currently unnamed*album release date. Kanye will appear on Saturday Night Live later this month and presumably perform new music. Should be an interesting May and June!

Whether this is an album or not that Kanye is alluding to, I decided to do some artwork that can be used as the cover art for this project. I had nothing to go off of as far as sound or title so I just ran with the idea behind some of his style. Kanye has recently been wearing furs, hiking boots and camo; so with this cover I tried recreating a thermal imagery camera. Featured in the cover is a hand drawn original silhouette of Kanye wearing the Margiela diamond mask. Inside the silhouette is the original image of Kanye with said mask.

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OFFICIAL: Lil Chuckee “She Don’t Understand” Cover


Check out the FOURTH official cover for Young Money and the second for Lil Chuckee by DieboltDesigns! Be on the lookout for more DieboltDesigns x Lil Chuckee projects in the near future!!!

Listen to “She Don’t Understand(My Life)” now on HOTNEWHIPHOP:

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Lil Wayne “I Am Not A Human Being 2” Album Packaging Concept

I am not a human being official


Alright guys…so above is the updated version of my previously posted IANAHB2 cover. Made a few things pop out a bit more, added a few small details.  I think it looks better now. But this post isn’t about the cover…it’s about what’s below this paragraph. I completed my  entire concept for PACKAGING for Wayne’s upcoming album! This is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Keep reading below and check it all out!!!



So this was my idea for the back cover. Obviously we don’t have the track list, so I just put XXXXXXX for each song as well as the lead single “My Homies Still”. But that’s besides the point. Notice the alien Wayne on mars in the background. And I tried to match the cover as far as colors, lighting, etc. go. Packaging really all needs to have unity.


This is just the first thing you see when you flip open the cover. Simple, but goes with the rest of the concept and plan. Not much to this.


So above(Click to view full quality) is the inside of the tri-fold packaging. I feel this tied together the whole project. This is the first time you see Wayne’s actual face and it’s as ‘alien’ as can be. Again it goes with the rest of the packaging. UNITY. Like the 2Chainz packaging; the CD would be in a pocket to the right of the separation line on the right of the above image, and the booklet would be on the left.


Alright and lastly is my favorite part. I really would love to see this implemented. It’s glow in the dark ink filling in the LIL WAYNE and I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING 2 text on the front cover. Like Wayne’s black light tattoos as seen in the ‘I Am Not A Human Being’ video you couldn’t see this effect in stores…but rather at night when the real martians come out to play. It’s just a fun gimmick that’s not been done before but goes along with the theme.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think! 2nd IANAHB2 single later today…and DEDICATION 4!!!

Big Sean “Detroit” Cover #2


Soooo I’m super hyped for Big Sean’s mixtape. He put out another teaser video today with part of the song “How It Feel” and I’ve had that on repeat all night. This is my second cover for the tape that’s due out September 5th. Boiii. I like this one alot more than my first. What do you guys think?


Leave  a comment and let me know what you think! And, OH GAWD! Check out the teaser video I referenced above, below:

Big Sean “Detroit” Cover (Unofficial)


Big Sean very recently announced his new mixtape titled “Detroit”. I’m a fan of most everything Sean has dropped recently so I’m expecting BIG things out of this. And no this is not the official cover. I did email it to Sean’s manager but I didn’t get a response. I got lucky that Karen Civil actually saw my Wayne cover and showed it to him. Thanx again to her and everyone else for the feedback with that project.

Anyways with this cover I tried to represent the city with the Red Wings logo made into an original background and gave it a retro feel with the way I did the writing.

What do you think about this cover? Like it better than my D4 cover?


EXTRA- Black and White version


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