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Charlotte Hornets “Buzz City” Alt. Uniform Concept


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“Still Spokane’s Most Wanted” Poster

adam poster1 FOR SITE


Adam Morrison is one of the most different players to ever play in the NBA. He’s seen everything. He’s won rings, he’s played on bad teams, he’s played over seas, he’s been the top college player in the nation…the list goes on. Even though he hasn’t turned out to be the “second coming of Larry Bird” in the NBA, in a way Morrison is still a legend. Currently he is attempting to make the Portland Blazers squad. I have been a huge ‘Ammo’ fan since his days at Gonzaga, so I really am rooting for him to make the team. I’m still a major supporter. The NBA hasn’t been all that kind to Morrison but he’s a good guy who deserves another chance. He’s is STILL SPOKANE’S MOST WANTED.

This poster was completed partly by hand and the rest by Illustrator and Photoshop. Please do not steal, if you use this on your site please give credit. Poster like these take hours to complete. Thanx for taking a look!

NBA 2k13 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Cover

nba2k13MKG copy

The NBA season is knocking at the door and if I could I would run as fast as I could and let it in. I’m a huge NBA junkie, and avid Bobcats fan. Actually I’m a Bobcats season ticket holder this year. I believe Rich Cho made a fantastic pick with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist from Kentucky. He’ll start from day 1 and be the Bobcats star of the future.

About the cover: Well if your an NBA fan, you know NBA 2K13 drops in a couple weeks. It’s looking ridiculously awesome. I’m not really a fan of this years cover because I don’t like when there’s more than one player featured. I do like all three players(Durant-Griffin-Rose…I’m a big Blake Griffin fan also) but the covers just not working for me. Of course I had to put my own spin on it.

When the game actually comes out I’ll post PS3 and 360 versions of the cover.

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“SuperCam” Movie Poster

supercam copy


Whaaat! I can’t believe football season is almost here! One thing is for sure, Cammy Cam Newton and the Panthers are gonna put on a show this year. It will be a movie for sure. Because of that, I came up with a ‘SuperCam’ movie poster. After my Rick Ross cover I posted a few days ago, I’ve been exploring the vintage movie poster style alot. It’s pretty interesting and fun to play with. I’ll have some other cool stuff soon. What do you think about this ‘SuperCam’ poster??

DieboltClothing 2012(Part 1)Preview


I’m getting ready to put out some new stuff from DieboltClothing very soon! I can’t wait to get this going again….be sure to follow @dieboltclothing on Twitter and if you’re on Tumblr!

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Byron Mullens “7 Feet Of Smooth” Wallpaper

7feetofsmooth copy

So Byron Mullens is totally sweeping Charlotte with the ‘MullensMafia’. As you may know, I’ve been working with Byron on some designs to help get the ‘Mafia’ going. Today I decided to put together a wallpaper because he has been ballin’ on another level since being named starter a few games back.

The theme for this one is “7 Feet of Smooth” because that’s what Big Pat the Bobcats PA announcer calls Byron at the games…the idea for the lines came from Lil Wayne’s 6’7 cover.

What do you guys think? Leave a comment!

Follow Byron Mullens on Twitter: @byron22james

Follow me on Twitter: @jessediebolt


Charlotte NC x DieboltDesigns Wallpaper

charlotte wallpaper

If you didn’t already know DieboltDesigns is from Charlotte, NC. With all of these artists making there cities famous, why can’t DD make the Queen City popular? Notice the crown logo all over the site and this piece…that’s the DieboltDesigns ‘d’ logo molded, cut and formed into a whole new logo based on the official logo for the city. You’ll see more of that logo as time goes on. By the way it looks awesome on a shirt or hoodie! Go check DieboltDesignsClothing for that!

Charlotte’s Crown…taken over by DieboltDesigns!


Charlotte, NC’s logo is a crown because CLT is known as the “Queen City”. Since Im from the QC…I decided to take over my city’s logo!

Go here to buy the official DD QC crown shirt for only $20!-

What do you guys think? Anybody reading this that I don’t know from Charlotte?

Cam Newton-Creator of Touchdowns(Tyler The Creator Remake)

newtoncreator copy


Football is back and the Panthers are making big moves already. So I decided to redo Tyler the Creator’s album cover with Cam Newton. This is just something fun for my fellow Panther fans out there! Enjoy!

ALSO- Check out the real cover after the jump to see how close I got to the real thing. Notice any fun changes?

ALSO2- The picture appears grainy because that is the effect used on the actual cover.


Cam Newton Wallpaper

This is the first wallpaper I have posted on this site. I had several on my old site( but none of them were quite like this. I used a totally different style than what I normally use and it turned out pretty good I think.

Cam Newton is of course the Carolina Panthers #1 overall draft pick, and instant NFL superstar. If I were you, I would probably look for more Cam pieces from me down the line!

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Bobcats Issue Thunder and Lightning Warning!

Thunder and Lightning

*Click the image to view in FULL SIZE!

The Bobcats selected Kemba Walker at #9 and traded for Bismack Biyombo at #7 in last nights NBA Draft! They will join forces in Charlotte to make a Severe Thunder and Lightning storm! I decided it was only proper to warn the world that a storm will soon be sweeping through NBA arenas very soon.

This warning is “Effective Everywhere For A Long Time…” but “Charlotte has a Bright Future!”

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

NOTES: Photo was taken by Jeff Siner. The Charlotte Bobcats can use this poster for web purposes if they would like!

Kawhi Leonard Sig

kawhi sig copy

I tried some different things in this sig and they turned out well I think. I like the effect I did on the left side with the fading vertical picture effect alot. Text looks good on this one too!

*Kawhi Leonard is a 2011 NBA Draft Prospect. I would to see him drafted by my Charlotte Bobcats. Guess we’ll see what happens on Thurday night!

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