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BANKS Poster Series



Dont hurt your brain.

Prints available possibly soon.

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“Homeland Legend”



Jesse Diebolt – December 2013. Colored pencil. Do not steal!

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BOOK: Dont Say Anything To Drugs They Cant Hear You (NEW IMAGES)






Some more shots of “DSATDTCHY” via my awesome teacher! I’m going to try to get pix of every page available for better viewing soon.

Photo Credit: Kristin Rothrock (UNC Charlotte)

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OFFICIAL Lil Twist “One Time” ft. YG Cover



Check out the OFFICIAL artwork for Young Money Cash Money Records recording artist Lil Twist’s new single “One Time” ft. YG!

After the jump, take a peek at the Twitter background as used on Twist’s page @LilTwist!

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Justin Bieber “Music Mondays” Cover



Biebz droppin HOT FIYAH every Monday. Here’s a cover to use for the upcoming tracks!

Be sure to download HEARTBREAKER on iTunes NOW!

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The Weeknd “Kiss Land” Cover #3



Another one just because…


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The Weeknd “Kiss Land” Cover

kiss land copy



Just having fun. :)

Shoutout to dxwntime for posting the Kiss Land kitty logos on KanyeToThe. Good work!

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Check out the trailer for a college project/short documentary by DieboltDesigns. “Visually Dictating” will explore the real art scene of today.

Rated Ahhhhhhhh.

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VDposter copy

Diebolt Clothing “Spring Madness” Collection Lookbook

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7l 8 9 10 CREDITS END



Much love to Sydney for the photog and Gracie for modeling!




PYREX Vision “MJ AS GOD” Poster

Poster copy

PYREX Vision Apparel is an interesting brand. Created by Kanye’s buddy Virgil Abloh, PYREX basically is some bold font and famous paintings printed on some Champion hoodies and Polo Rugby shirts. Although I really don’t like the fact that the items are extremely over priced and over hyped, I still like the BOLD fonts and lettering. I have a similar style with Diebolt Clothing as far as my wordmark and logo go.

Anyways, I made this poster just for fun. Practice. I like playing with fonts.

Marina & the Diamonds “E.V.O.L” Cover

EVOL copy


Yesterday Marina & The Diamonds released a new song called “E.V.O.L” and it’s been on repeat ever since. Recently I’ve become a fan of Marina…she’s really good and her art direction is awesome. I like who she seems to be. Her music is also very good.

Is love really evil or is it the people for make it evil? Marina made her case on this track. She says “It only takes 2 people to fuck love up and make it evil”. I tried using that quote to make the cover. I show 2 people in the form of devils on the left and right side. They’re reaching for the heart thus creating it into a monster.

Download “E.V.O.L” HERE

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OFFICIAL: Lil Chuckee “She Don’t Understand” Cover


Check out the FOURTH official cover for Young Money and the second for Lil Chuckee by DieboltDesigns! Be on the lookout for more DieboltDesigns x Lil Chuckee projects in the near future!!!

Listen to “She Don’t Understand(My Life)” now on HOTNEWHIPHOP:

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OFFICIAL: Lil Twist “Contact” Cover by DieboltDesigns

contactFINAL copy


DieboltDesigns is proud to present yet another official cover for a Young Money artist; this time for Lil Twist and his new single “Contact” which is due out soon. This was a fun cover to work on and the communication and assistance of @Mazy is greatly appreciated. Go check out Lil Twist’s Twitter page(@LilTwist) to see the cover as his avatar and background!

Be on the lookout for more details regarding the single in the coming days!

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Shawn Carter for Brooklyn Poster

SCbrooklyn copy


After posting my “Shawn Carter For America” Posters some requested a version with a black a white flag. I didn’t want to use a black and white flag and say ‘For America’ because some may find it disrespectful. Instead I did ‘Shawn Carter For Brooklyn’. He basically runs Brooklyn.

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“Still Spokane’s Most Wanted” Poster

adam poster1 FOR SITE


Adam Morrison is one of the most different players to ever play in the NBA. He’s seen everything. He’s won rings, he’s played on bad teams, he’s played over seas, he’s been the top college player in the nation…the list goes on. Even though he hasn’t turned out to be the “second coming of Larry Bird” in the NBA, in a way Morrison is still a legend. Currently he is attempting to make the Portland Blazers squad. I have been a huge ‘Ammo’ fan since his days at Gonzaga, so I really am rooting for him to make the team. I’m still a major supporter. The NBA hasn’t been all that kind to Morrison but he’s a good guy who deserves another chance. He’s is STILL SPOKANE’S MOST WANTED.

This poster was completed partly by hand and the rest by Illustrator and Photoshop. Please do not steal, if you use this on your site please give credit. Poster like these take hours to complete. Thanx for taking a look!

Diebolt Clothing “Coronation” Collection Intro Video


“Coronation” by Diebolt Clothing | November 7, 2012

“Clique” Big Sean/Jay-Z/Kanye West Cover


Any time a song is set to drop featuring Jay-Z and Yeezy…let alone Jay-Z, Yeezy AND Big Sean… you know there will be a lot of hype. I’m definitely hyped so I had to do a cover. This song will be on the G.O.O.D. Music compilation album titled “Cruel Summer”.

I stuck with the basic large red font title like other G.O.O.D. Music single covers but went with a different look otherwise. I tried to give it that 50’s mobster movie tone. Check out a short snippet of “Clique” below via TMZ!

Lil Wayne “I Am Not A Human Being 2″ Album Packaging Concept

I am not a human being official


Alright guys…so above is the updated version of my previously posted IANAHB2 cover. Made a few things pop out a bit more, added a few small details.  I think it looks better now. But this post isn’t about the cover…it’s about what’s below this paragraph. I completed my  entire concept for PACKAGING for Wayne’s upcoming album! This is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Keep reading below and check it all out!!!



So this was my idea for the back cover. Obviously we don’t have the track list, so I just put XXXXXXX for each song as well as the lead single “My Homies Still”. But that’s besides the point. Notice the alien Wayne on mars in the background. And I tried to match the cover as far as colors, lighting, etc. go. Packaging really all needs to have unity.


This is just the first thing you see when you flip open the cover. Simple, but goes with the rest of the concept and plan. Not much to this.


So above(Click to view full quality) is the inside of the tri-fold packaging. I feel this tied together the whole project. This is the first time you see Wayne’s actual face and it’s as ‘alien’ as can be. Again it goes with the rest of the packaging. UNITY. Like the 2Chainz packaging; the CD would be in a pocket to the right of the separation line on the right of the above image, and the booklet would be on the left.


Alright and lastly is my favorite part. I really would love to see this implemented. It’s glow in the dark ink filling in the LIL WAYNE and I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING 2 text on the front cover. Like Wayne’s black light tattoos as seen in the ‘I Am Not A Human Being’ video you couldn’t see this effect in stores…but rather at night when the real martians come out to play. It’s just a fun gimmick that’s not been done before but goes along with the theme.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think! 2nd IANAHB2 single later today…and DEDICATION 4!!!

PHOTOS: Savannah in May


Savannah in early May.

PHOTOS: 2Chainz in Charlotte


One of the hottest rappers in the game made a speaking-appearance in Charlotte, NC on Saturday before performing at Drake’s “Club Paradise” Tour. Gratefully I was able to be there and meet him. I was unable to take a picture with him, but I was basically toe to toe with him and got some great shots anyway. Check them out above. 2Chainz was a real cool guy. I’m definitely more of a fan after meeting him myself.

EXTRA: 2Chainz said he recorded a song for Justin Bieber on Friday night.

Chief Keef & Tupac Unreleased Covers + DMX “The Weigh In” Cover

chief keef unreleased copy

These aren’t anything mind blowing, but some of the guys over on had requests. I had to fill a few. I felt the urge. Practice makes perfect. Enjoy.

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