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Lil Wayne “Staring At The World” Cover

satw copy


“Staring At The World” leaked last night as is likely a throw away track from Wayne’s upcoming “I Am Not A Human Being 2” album. I love this track. Autotune + Wayne = Song on repeat all week.

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Lil Wayne ft. Cory Gunz ‘Terrorist’ Cover

terrorist copy


Earlier today on Twitter, @LilWayneHQ posted that Wayne has a song on I Am Not A Human Being II featuring Cory Gunz. When I saw that OllyCarterz posted a cover I knew I not only had to do a cover, but I knew what to do. This is obviously a military radar that I edited and inserted a ‘TERRORIST’ alert. The style matches my IANAHB2 cover I did a while back.

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Lil Wayne ‘My Homies Still’ Animated Cover

My Homies Still copy


Alright so this is something completely new for me. I’ve seen some GIF imagery-art for covers by other internet famous artists but nothing exactly like this. I wanted to try it. And what better song to try something experimental for than ‘My Homies Still’ by Weezy F. The new visuals for that song are crazyyy.

So what do you guys think? Like it? Don’t feel it, ‘like an elephant’? Let me know in the comments! Check out the video for the song below and READ MORE for the un-animated high quality version of the cover!


Lil Wayne “I Am Not A Human Being 2” Cover (Nirvana Edition)

waynenirvannaIANAHB2 copy

No secret that Mr. Carter is a huge Nirvana fan. A fw days ago, DJ Scoob Doo posted a picture on Twitter of inside’s Weezy’s house where he had a huge custom cover very similar to the one above(minus the LIL WAYNE logo and ‘I Am Not A Human Being II’ text). So of course I had to work some magic and do a cover. Someone else did one over on before me and it inspired me to make my own. Notice the extra tattoos added to the face(More than what was on original) and the tattoos on the body. I didn’t do arms because it would’ve been difficult to find pictures to match and quite time consuming.

ALSO….huge news! Wayne’s first single off ‘I Am Not A Human Being II” drops tomorrow! It could feature Big Sean….we’ll just have to wait and see! I’m pumped!


Lil Wayne- I Am Not A Human Being II Unofficial Cover

I am not a human being official_edited-1

It was announced by Birdman around a week ago that Wayne has finished I Am Not A Human Being II and it will be out by summer. Of course, I immediately had to start working on a cover. In my opinion this is one of my best covers. It definitely was fun to work on and I love the outcome.

And obviously the background image is a sonagram of a baby. I decided to Wayne-ify it by adding some dates, numbers and words that have to do with Wayne and the who ‘not a human being’ theme.

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