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Charlotte Hornets Uniform Concept 3.0

UniformsDD1 UniformsDD2

NBA “Trill” Player Posters

trillard copy trillsap copy

mtriller copy trillson copy

So since the NBA season started I’ve seen people add the word “trill” to certain players names. I think it’s hilarious to see and fun to say…so in some down time tonight I was messing around and came up with a couple simple posters highlighting the names. Check them out above.

And if you’re wondering what the original names are…

Damian Trillard=Damian Lillard(Portland Trailblazers)

Paul Trillsap=Paul Millsap(Utah Jazz)

Mike Triller=Mike Miller(Miami Heat)

Trillson Chandler=Wilson Chandler(Denver Nuggets)

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Jay-Z “Live In Brooklyn” Cover

liveinbk copy


Hova is releasing a ‘Live in Brooklyn’ EP. I wanted to do a quick cover. Here ya go. Enjoy.

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Blake Griffin “Watch Your Head” Nike Wallpaper

WatchYourHead copy

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. WATCH YOUR HEAD! Blake Griffin is coming down the lane and he’s about to dunk it all over you. Be scared. Kendrick Perkins thought it would be cool to challenge him earlier in the season…and lets just say the ‘EarthBlake’ was felt all the way across the globe.

In all seriousness I just wanted to mess around and create a Nike ad for this wallpaper. Blake Griffin is obviously a Nike sponsored player. What do you guys think about this one? Should Nike hire me? I think they should hit me up.

“Oh me, oh my”

Kevin Durant x Lil Wayne All Star Weekend Sig


NBA All Star Weekend just ended yesterday with a great game. Kevin Durant won MVP and Lil Wayne along with other YMCMB friends were sitting court side. I loved this one picture from the game and had to do something creative with it. I stuck with the All Star theme as far as color’s, shapes and overall style go.

What do you guys think about this one?

NBA Lockout Collage

So I’ve seen alot of really weird but awesome artwork coming from @AliciaFranc lately(Check out her stuff by clicking the ad in the right sidebar!) and I decided to mess around with the style. I definitely have some other cool stuff in the plans for this collage style. The thing about these collages, well at least in my stuff, there is/will be alot of symbolism. I’m not going to explain this piece based on the NBA Lockout…you can make your own ideas and assumptions on what I was thinking. I’ll admit this piece is really nothing too special, but I can do alot better easily…as I said I already have better ideas. My vintage style and raw creativity that can be shown with this stuff should churn out some cool stuff. Just stay tuned.

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