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OFFICIAL: Lil Twist “UFO” Ft. Juicy J Cover




DieboltDesigns collaborates with Young Money artist Lil Twist for the OFFICIAL “UFO” single artwork! Song dropping soon!

Shoutout to Mazy and Twist. Much love.

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OFFICIAL: Duawn “Nobody’s Safe” Cover

nscover copy2

Say hello to some DieboltDesigns client work. I’ve been talking to Duawn for a couple months now. He’s talented guy from right here in Charlotte, NC and he’s releasing his first mixtape soon! I have a good feeling that he’ll create some buzz around here in the future.

I was proud to create the cover for Duawn’s tape. As for the cover itself, I honestly have to say it’s one of my favorites that I’ve ever done. Obviously based on the name “Nobody’s Safe” you can infer that someones out to get everyone. That person who’s out to get you? Yeah, it’s Duawn. Who’s everyone? Any rapper you can possibly name. Doesn’t matter if they are a legend of the past or superstar of the present…there’s no reason to NOT aim for those who are at the top.

The cover’s background features a zombie baseball player holding a bat, while in the foreground are 3 “baseball cards” featuring the Past, Present and Future.

Follow Duawn on Twitter at: @R9A3P

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OFFICIAL: Lil Chuckee “Whoop D Woo” Cover



DieboltDesigns is proud to present the official cover for Young Money artist Lil Chuckee’s new single “Whoop D Woo” which will drop tomorrow(1-8-13).

This is a great way to start off the year for DieboltDesigns and this is only the start. Be on the lookout for more content and more design collaborations with Lil Chuckee in the near future!

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Lil Wayne “Dedication 4” Wallpaper



After becoming extremely lucky in the last few days with Weezy choosing my artwork, I decided to finish the body to my TRUKFIT Tune character as seen on the D4 cover. Use this wallpaper if you’re excited for the release of the mixtape next week!

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OFFICIAL: Lil Wayne “Dedication 4” Cover

D4-2 copy

Well everyone…it’s my birthday and this is the best present I could have even ever IMAGINED to receive. Last night I received an email response from Karen Civil saying that none other than my idol, Lil Wayne had seen my artwork and liked it alot and he was going to use my cover for the upcoming mixtape, Dedication 4! I almost fainted. Seriously, I’m still shaking…so excuse any improper english in this post! This is a dream come true. I cannot believe that dreams like this actually can come true. I constantly am working to even be noticed by Wayne or even anyone a quarter of his stature. This is huge for me personally.

I cannot thank Karen Civil enough for showing this cover to Mr. Carter. And I do have to thank @JackGambro(Twitter/RapItUpDesign on Lil Wayne HQ) for giving me the inspiration. He did a TRUKFIT inspired cover and I loved the idea and knew I had to draw a Lil Wayne version of Tommy, the TRUKFIT character. Below see a picture of the Lil Wayne TRUKFIT Character I created via the old school mediums…pencil, marker, and paper.

DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Young moooolllaaaa babbyyyyy.

2 Chainz “Based on a T.R.U. Story” Cover

boats copy

2 CHAAAAAAAIIIIINNNNNNNZZZZZZZ! The official cover dropped earlier today and it’s basically two chains. I actually liked the concept but decided to remake the cover and in my opinion, I made it look better. The official was a little too simple, but it wasn’t bad at all. I actually like it. Hopefully you like my version more tho.


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