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PartyNextDoor Poster



for fun.

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The Weeknd “Live For” ft. Drake Cover


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Drake “Started From The Bottom” Cover

yeslawd copy

Well finally the Drake drought is close to ending. He’s been recording his new album ever since Take Care dropped back in November of 2011…and just in the past couple days he has begun recording a music video for the yet to be released single “Started From The Bottom”. Now that this song title has been confirmed I went ahead and made a cover for it. I used a picture from Ruben Rivera’s post on the official OVO blog. Below is a picture from the video shoot!

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posterdos copy

(11/7/12) Happy Thursday…Just something I had an idea for. Inspired By…


Soooo I deleted the old version of this from yesterday and I added the new version. This time you see the poster three times on top of one another. The colors come from the “Thursday” cover. The whole concept of Valerie the character really intrigues me. I tried to capture the emotion and still have the contrast between the darkness and perceived happiness as seen in the above video(Also seen in ‘The Zone’ video).

OVO + XO Wallpapers



Just a couple things I did…it’s October so it’s OVO season. Drake’s birthday is tomorrow and there are rumors of a new single dropping titled “No New Friends”. Hmm we’ll see!

And The Weeknd is dropping Trilogy on November 13! Get hyped! I’ll be buying the physical copy. I’m very excited for that. SHOUT OUT TO ABEL.

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A$AP Rocky “Fuckin Problem” Cover

problems copy


Apparently A$AP, Drizzy, KDot and 2Chaiiiinz have a problem. A f**king problem. This song is so ill I had to make a cover for it. Period.

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The Weeknd Trilogy Cover Art


Mr. Abel Tesfaye AKA “The Weeknd” is undoubtedly an artist about to really break out in the near future. He just signed his first record deal with Universal Records, and he stays associated with Drake and the OVO crew. After all, he is the XO in OVOXO. His 3 super successful mix tapes released in 2011 will be re-released as a trilogy in November. As usual when something is announced; I do some cover art. Personally I’m extremely excited for the re-release which will feature new songs. The Weeknd is going to be a major name in music in the years to come. He’s seriously great.

Specifics about my cover art: I used camo because he’s often seen wearing it, and I had to use colors that have not been used in the previous mix tape covers. I created the camo background myself. If you look closely the camo is made up of “XO’s”. Also the actually picture of The Weeknd I drew on Illustrator using my tablet, but the idea was taken from the poster for his tour with Florence and The Machine.

Look out for my complete packaging idea for the “Trilogy” soon!

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*BELOW check out “The Party & The After Party” by The Weeknd from House of Balloons!

Riz ft. Drake “Waiting Up” Cover

waitingup copy

This song just came out today and Drake’s verse is pretty cool. Had to do a cover for it because @LitoStarr on Twitter requested it.

I recommend just downloading a Drake only version of this song if you want to hear it. Riz is just….whatever. I don’t even know who he is. Supposedly Drake isn’t happy that Riz is using this verse…I don’t know what the story is exactly. Whatever the issue is, Drake should just send his goons and “catch some bodies”. End of discussion.

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OVOXO Wallpaper 2.0

ovoxowallpaper copy

So I get requests for OVOXO stuff all the time….I gotta come through for you guys, right? I feel obligated to put out at least 1 of these a month just because everyone likes them so much!

This one is 1366×768 pixels as requested by @Kidd_HiDef on Twitter. After the jump you can snag the 1280×800 version if you prefer to use that one!

SHOUTOUT: To Karla “HustleGRL” Moy, who created and ran the Drake fansite AllThingsFresh, which is now shutting down. Karla says she is on the verge of beginning a new chapter in her life and it was simply time to move on. Thanks for what you have done to support Drake and keep the fans informed about everything he has done over the years Karla!


The Weeknd Wallpaper

weekndwall copy

I had to re-download The Weeknd’s first album “House of Balloons” today because my computer thought it was cool to delete some music. Oh well…made me listen to the first time in a few weeks and make a dope wallpaper. It’s pretty much a fantastic album. If you have never heard of or listen to The Weeknd, start now. Download ‘House of Balloons’ and ‘Thursday’ for free! He’s featured on Drake’s new album “Take Care” which drops tomorrow in America! Go buy it!
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Drake ft. The Weeknd- Crew Love Cover

crew love copy

Crew Love just premiered on the radio up in Toronto! Of course…DieboltDesigns has a cover for you immediately! What do you guys think of the song and my cover? If you haven’t noticed, I try to keep all of my Take Care song covers similar…collect them all! :D

Original OVOXO Owl Design x Poster


I was messing around tonight with some shapes on Photoshop tonight and came up with an owl. That lead to a quick OVOXO poster. This took all of 10 minutes to complete so it’s no masterpiece but I feel like it still looks cool.
Take Care!

Drake- The Motto Cover

drakeTheMottoCover copy

Another new Drake song dropped last night! This one is called “The Motto” and it features Mr. Carter! I believe this may be the “Untitled” track that was on the official track list. Of course, as usual, Im made a cover for the song.

I may or may not put together a set of a cover for every song on the album before 11-15-11…or maybe I already have and you guys just haven’t seen them yet….hmm.



I made this a few weeks ago when I found the picture…I’m posting it now because I saw AllThingsFresh post the original picture on Tumblr. It reminded me that I messed around with it a while back. Enjoy. Take Care.

Drake- OVO Releases Cover


The OVOXO take over on DieboltDesigns continues today…Drake has releases 2 new solo songs and 1 with Waka Flocka. Go check them out on now!

When you get all three songs, you can use my cover as the cover for all three. I will also have cover’s for “Free Spirit” and “Club Paradise” above this post. Go check them out now if you prefer single covers!

By the way, the owls love being in their natural habitat in this cover, can you spot them?

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OVOXO Wallpaper


I did this wallpaper last night when I made the Drake Take Care Cover #4. How does everyone like this one?

Drake Take Care Unofficial Cover #4

take care four_edited-2

It’s feeling alot like fall. October to be exact. Take Care.

What do you guys think about this one? Do you see the owl’s in the trees?

Read more after the jump to see version 4.1 (more…)

The Weeknd Sig

weeknd copy

R+B singer The Weeknd released his new mixtape yesterday so I decided to make a sig inspired by him and the tape. I think this sig turned out pretty well…I really like the color band effect over his shoulder. View the mixtape’s cover to see why I put the color into the sig.

I also tried to make him look like he was in some sort of weird fog, which he quite possibly could be in real life anyway if you know what I mean.

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Drake Unofficial TAKE CARE Cover #2

takecare ovo style final copy

After mixed reviews of my last TAKE CARE cover that I posted the other day, I decided to make another one. I love the last cover I did but this one looks way more like something Drake would use for Take Care based on his October’s Very Own blog. I even used the owl and gold color that is featured on the site.

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