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Timbaland “Know Bout Me” Cover



Not a mothaf***in’ thing!

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Jhene Aiko “Sail Out” Cover



Jhene the gawdess.

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OFFICIAL Lil Twist “One Time” ft. YG Cover



Check out the OFFICIAL artwork for Young Money Cash Money Records recording artist Lil Twist’s new single “One Time” ft. YG!

After the jump, take a peek at the Twitter background as used on Twist’s page @LilTwist!

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OFFICIAL: Lil Twist “UFO” Ft. Juicy J Cover




DieboltDesigns collaborates with Young Money artist Lil Twist for the OFFICIAL “UFO” single artwork! Song dropping soon!

Shoutout to Mazy and Twist. Much love.

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Drake “All Me” Cover

allme copy

NWTS SEPTEMBER 17 17 17 17


New school spin on an old school look.

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OFFICIAL: Kyle DiPiero “Anxious” Cover

anxious copy


On June 4th ‘Anxious’, Kyle DiPiero’s single off his upcoming mixtape, will drop courtesy of ADMIRE FESTIVAL CLOTHING COMPANY via ADMIREFESTIVAL.COM and DieboltDesigns. It will most definitely be worth the wait.

Check out the cover art above by DieboltDesigns!

Follow Kyle on Twitter @KYLEDIPIERO

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OFFICIAL: Lil Twist “Still In This B*tch” Cover by DieboltDesigns

SITB copy

DieboltDesigns is proud to present the official cover art for Lil Twist’s new freestyle “Still In This Bitch” off his upcoming mix tape. This is the 2nd official cover for Lil Twist by DieboltDesigns(Contact was the first).

Listen to the song below…Twist has killed all his recent material…Wake Up!

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Selena Gomez “Come & Get It” Cover (2 Colorways)

cgi1 cgi2

“Come & Get It” is Selena’s new single…gotta say she did her thing. Song is hot. I’m ready to come and get it.

I don’t even know what the inspiration was for the covers I did. Posted 2 different colorways because I like them both evenly. Basically just went with the flow and did whatever I did.

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Big Sean “Switch Up” Cover



My best cover in a minute. This one’s for Big Sean’s new single featuring Common. Killed it.

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Cover inspiration is the GOOD Music jersey that Sean wore a while back. Check it out below…




TAP OUT copy

Sometime later today Birdman is dropping the first “Rich Gang” single featuring himself, Weezy, Nicki and Future. I slept on the idea for the cover and had to wake up and make it happen.

UPDATE: THIS COVER IS NOT AND NEVER EVER WAS OFFICIAL. Yes I have done some official work in the past but this is simply a cover for personal use or for people to look at. When making the cover I searched through images on Google and found the mask that I used….just so happens that it’s associated with some “Stompdown” group. Never heard of them until this cover was released and I never intended to use their logo. Sorry if anyone feels like this is “stealing” but it definitely was not intended in that way. By doing some research there are other places that use this silhouette and seem to be making profit off of it…for example if you search Ski Mask Movement a clothing brand appears using the same logo. They are claiming it as their own and I certainly am not.

ALSO…by doing some research I have found that the logo for “Stompdown” is the same thing/very very similar to what you get when you use the live trace feature on Adobe Illustrator on the below image…

…nothing wrong with that. That’s fine. But my point is that someone else could and is likely to simply “live trace” that image in the future thus recreating the same logo that “Stompdown” uses.

So in conclusion, I used the silhouette that I used because that’s all it was…a silhouette. I had no way of knowing but now that I do I am in fact giving credit to “Stompdown” as they claim it as their logo.

And once again, this cover is not and never was official.

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Drake “5 AM in Toronto” Cover

5am copy


“..lovin my drive, I never give it a break.”

Tyler The Creator “Domo 23″ & “Bimmer” Covers



Tyler The Creator released his new single this week titled “Domo 23″ this week along with the music video for the song(watch it below!). At the end of the video he added a snippet for a second new song titled “Bimmer”. Both songs offer a new sound for the Odd Future rapper and personally I enjoy these 2 songs alot more than any of his past offerings. Tyler’s 2nd album “Wolf” is coming soon.

On the “Domo 23″ cover I used a screenshot of Tyler from the music video. The font is positioned like the name and number on a jersey. For “Bimmer” I obviously featured a vintage BMW along with a similar font setup to the Domo 23 cover.

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OFFICIAL: Lil Chuckee “Whoop D Woo” Cover



DieboltDesigns is proud to present the official cover for Young Money artist Lil Chuckee’s new single “Whoop D Woo” which will drop tomorrow(1-8-13).

This is a great way to start off the year for DieboltDesigns and this is only the start. Be on the lookout for more content and more design collaborations with Lil Chuckee in the near future!

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Lil Wayne “No Worries” Cover

no worries


The last few weeks have been so good for me….I AIN’T GO NO WORRIES! Weezy doesn’t either! And this new single ‘No Worries’ which he will perform tomorrow at the MTV VMA’s is hot! I had to do a cover for it. I wanted people to actually be able to ‘look him in his face’ and tell…’he ain’t got no worries’! :)

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“Clique” Big Sean/Jay-Z/Kanye West Cover


Any time a song is set to drop featuring Jay-Z and Yeezy…let alone Jay-Z, Yeezy AND Big Sean… you know there will be a lot of hype. I’m definitely hyped so I had to do a cover. This song will be on the G.O.O.D. Music compilation album titled “Cruel Summer”.

I stuck with the basic large red font title like other G.O.O.D. Music single covers but went with a different look otherwise. I tried to give it that 50’s mobster movie tone. Check out a short snippet of “Clique” below via TMZ!

“New God Flow” Cover

NGF copy

The 2nd G.O.O.D music single has dropped! This one features Kanye West and Pusha T and is NICE. Kanye performed his verse at the BET Awards last night and I knew it would be good when he mentioned how he’s not trying to stunt but his “Air Yeezy’s just jumped over the jumpman”. Gosh. I mean…God. FLOW!

For the cover I stuck with the same style as I did for my Cruel Summer cover.

Frank Ocean ‘Channel Orange’ Cover

co copy

Frankie just dropped his new single from this album today called ‘Pyramids’. It’s pretty good. You should go to your favorite music blog and listen to it. It’s worth it….and it’s 10 minutes long!

I had to go ahead and make a cover for this. The idea came to me instantly so I just quickly put this together.

Leave a comment and lemme know what you think!

Lil Wayne “I Am Not A Human Being 2″ Cover (Nirvana Edition)

waynenirvannaIANAHB2 copy

No secret that Mr. Carter is a huge Nirvana fan. A fw days ago, DJ Scoob Doo posted a picture on Twitter of inside’s Weezy’s house where he had a huge custom cover very similar to the one above(minus the LIL WAYNE logo and ‘I Am Not A Human Being II’ text). So of course I had to work some magic and do a cover. Someone else did one over on before me and it inspired me to make my own. Notice the extra tattoos added to the face(More than what was on original) and the tattoos on the body. I didn’t do arms because it would’ve been difficult to find pictures to match and quite time consuming.

ALSO….huge news! Wayne’s first single off ‘I Am Not A Human Being II” drops tomorrow! It could feature Big Sean….we’ll just have to wait and see! I’m pumped!


Wiz Khalifa “Work Hard, Play Hard” Cover

WHPH copy

Wiz just dropped his new single off his 2nd studio album “O.N.I.F.C”. The song is called ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ and it sounds pretty dope. Much better than anything off ‘Taylor Allderdice.

As for the cover, the official one was LAME. I had to get a cover done real quick. In the song Wiz says “Where I come from the only thing we know is…WORK HARD PLAY HARD”. It was only appropriate to use Pittsburgh as the backdrop for this one.

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“Mercy” ft. Big Sean, Kanye West, 2Chainz, Pusha T Cover Art

MERCY copy

Now we have the real name and release date for the first G.O.O.D. music single. Instead of ‘Lamborghini, Murci’ like I did a cover for, it’s just ‘Mercy’. And of course because this Friday is Good friday, it’s appropriate that a G.O.O.D. song drops. Can’t wait.

What do you guys think about the cover I made? I stuck with the same style as the official cover on

Leave a comment and be on the lookout for my next post…A Khaled x ‘Ye song just dropped. Gotta do a cover for that.


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