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Lil Wayne Commemorative



Mr Carter.

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Lil Wayne “Dedication 5″ Cover

d5 copy2

d5-2 copy




Cortez said it was dope. You win some you lose some.

Based on vintage Thrasher Magazine ads/covers.


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Rich Gang Cover

rg copy



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“Big Tymers” (Birdman, Mannie Fresh, Lil Wayne & Drake) Cover

bigtymers copy


Brought it back to the year 2000 with this one. I love it. CASH MONEY RECORDS.

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Lil Wayne “Love.Live.Life” Poster

love copy2


As anyone who knows me as a person knows, I’m quite the fan and follower of Lil Wayne. He’s influenced A LOT of my artwork and myself as a person over the years. Unfortunately Wayne hasn’t been doing well over the last couple days. Terrible news that has myself and everyone else scared and upset. All we can do is hope and pray he recovers as soon as possible. As a huge fan of Wayne I can’t imagine losing him as a inspiration and influence. He has his kids and family who he obviously means the world to…and that’s the most important thing. As a fan I can only pray he recovers as soon as possible so he can be with his family. I don’t NEED his music but his kids surely need him as their dad.

Like I said, prayers go out to Weezy and his family. Here’s to a full recovery as soon as possible! Love.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about the poster! Also, comment with your get well messages for Wayne!

REPOST: Lil Wayne “I Am Not A Human Being II” Cover

I am not a human being official2 copy

I made this cover over a year ago now! Since then it’s been everywhere, fooling many into thinking it was official. Personally I still prefer this to the official cover(pictured below). I may be selling prints of a poster variation of this cover soon, so be on the lookout for that!

Remember to go BUY Lil Wayne “I Am Not A Human Being II” on March 26th on iTunes and anywhere else you can buy albums!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think…do you prefer the DieboltDesign’d cover above or the official cover below?


Lil Wayne “Staring At The World” Cover

satw copy


“Staring At The World” leaked last night as is likely a throw away track from Wayne’s upcoming “I Am Not A Human Being 2″ album. I love this track. Autotune + Wayne = Song on repeat all week.

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Lil Wayne “I Ain’t Nervous” Cover

IAN copy



Another Wayne song dropped outta no where…complete fire. I don’t care what anyone says or thinks…Wayne’s the greatest of all time.  I Am Not A Human Being 2 in February. I’m pumped.  And the autotune on this track? HELL YES. Are we back in 2008 or…? Autotunechi is the best.

My cover is based off my 3rd IANAHB2 cover and my packaging concept.

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Lil Wayne “I Am Not A Human Being II” Packaging Concept (#3)

Honestly, I was bored. This was the result. That is all.
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Lil Wayne “I Am Not A Human Being 2″ Cover (#2)

ianahb2 copy

I just checked out some dope new clothes available soon via and got inspired. Wayne and his brand have been using animal print like crazy lately. Since Wayne picked my cover for Dedication due to the TRUKFIT flavor I used…I figured that using a pattern that TRUKFIT does would be smart.


Let me know what you guys think about this one!

“VMA TUNECHI” Wallpaper


The MTV VMAs took place last night in LA…Weezy shut it down along side 2 Chainnnnnzzzzz! They started with “Yuck!” and went to “No Worries” which is Wayne’s new single from I Am Not A Human Being 2. Wayne had some crazy clothes on as usual and I had to put my Lil TRUKFIT Tune character(As featured on Dedication 4) in that outfit! Check out a picture from last night’s performance below!

Lil Wayne “I Am Not A Human Being 2″ Album Packaging Concept

I am not a human being official


Alright guys…so above is the updated version of my previously posted IANAHB2 cover. Made a few things pop out a bit more, added a few small details.  I think it looks better now. But this post isn’t about the cover…it’s about what’s below this paragraph. I completed my  entire concept for PACKAGING for Wayne’s upcoming album! This is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Keep reading below and check it all out!!!



So this was my idea for the back cover. Obviously we don’t have the track list, so I just put XXXXXXX for each song as well as the lead single “My Homies Still”. But that’s besides the point. Notice the alien Wayne on mars in the background. And I tried to match the cover as far as colors, lighting, etc. go. Packaging really all needs to have unity.


This is just the first thing you see when you flip open the cover. Simple, but goes with the rest of the concept and plan. Not much to this.


So above(Click to view full quality) is the inside of the tri-fold packaging. I feel this tied together the whole project. This is the first time you see Wayne’s actual face and it’s as ‘alien’ as can be. Again it goes with the rest of the packaging. UNITY. Like the 2Chainz packaging; the CD would be in a pocket to the right of the separation line on the right of the above image, and the booklet would be on the left.


Alright and lastly is my favorite part. I really would love to see this implemented. It’s glow in the dark ink filling in the LIL WAYNE and I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING 2 text on the front cover. Like Wayne’s black light tattoos as seen in the ‘I Am Not A Human Being’ video you couldn’t see this effect in stores…but rather at night when the real martians come out to play. It’s just a fun gimmick that’s not been done before but goes along with the theme.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think! 2nd IANAHB2 single later today…and DEDICATION 4!!!

Lil Wayne “No Lie” (Dedication 4) Cover

no lie

Just a cover for the only song available NOW off “Dedication 4″, No Lie. Watch the video from DJ Scoob Doo below to find out why D4 drops THIS WEEK…and take a listen to No Lie!

I will be doing a cover in this same format for EVERY song off D4 as soon as the tape is released!

Lil Wayne “Dedication 4″ Wallpaper



After becoming extremely lucky in the last few days with Weezy choosing my artwork, I decided to finish the body to my TRUKFIT Tune character as seen on the D4 cover. Use this wallpaper if you’re excited for the release of the mixtape next week!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

OFFICIAL: Lil Wayne “Dedication 4″ Cover

D4-2 copy

Well everyone…it’s my birthday and this is the best present I could have even ever IMAGINED to receive. Last night I received an email response from Karen Civil saying that none other than my idol, Lil Wayne had seen my artwork and liked it alot and he was going to use my cover for the upcoming mixtape, Dedication 4! I almost fainted. Seriously, I’m still shaking…so excuse any improper english in this post! This is a dream come true. I cannot believe that dreams like this actually can come true. I constantly am working to even be noticed by Wayne or even anyone a quarter of his stature. This is huge for me personally.

I cannot thank Karen Civil enough for showing this cover to Mr. Carter. And I do have to thank @JackGambro(Twitter/RapItUpDesign on Lil Wayne HQ) for giving me the inspiration. He did a TRUKFIT inspired cover and I loved the idea and knew I had to draw a Lil Wayne version of Tommy, the TRUKFIT character. Below see a picture of the Lil Wayne TRUKFIT Character I created via the old school mediums…pencil, marker, and paper.

DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Young moooolllaaaa babbyyyyy.

Gunplay ft. Lil Wayne “Banana Clips” Cover

bc copy

I’m just gonna say….”DONT FEED THE APES!”.

Are you ‘goin zoo everytime you come thru’?

Leave a comment and let me know if you go zoo…or if you’re on your ‘skate ish….brotha TRUKKKKFIT!’.

Lil Wayne “I Am Not A Human Being 2″ Cover (Nirvana Edition)

waynenirvannaIANAHB2 copy

No secret that Mr. Carter is a huge Nirvana fan. A fw days ago, DJ Scoob Doo posted a picture on Twitter of inside’s Weezy’s house where he had a huge custom cover very similar to the one above(minus the LIL WAYNE logo and ‘I Am Not A Human Being II’ text). So of course I had to work some magic and do a cover. Someone else did one over on before me and it inspired me to make my own. Notice the extra tattoos added to the face(More than what was on original) and the tattoos on the body. I didn’t do arms because it would’ve been difficult to find pictures to match and quite time consuming.

ALSO….huge news! Wayne’s first single off ‘I Am Not A Human Being II” drops tomorrow! It could feature Big Sean….we’ll just have to wait and see! I’m pumped!


Lil Wayne- I Am Not A Human Being II Unofficial Cover

I am not a human being official_edited-1

It was announced by Birdman around a week ago that Wayne has finished I Am Not A Human Being II and it will be out by summer. Of course, I immediately had to start working on a cover. In my opinion this is one of my best covers. It definitely was fun to work on and I love the outcome.

And obviously the background image is a sonagram of a baby. I decided to Wayne-ify it by adding some dates, numbers and words that have to do with Wayne and the who ‘not a human being’ theme.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about this cover!

Lil Wayne Spray Paint Style Wallpaper


What can I say? I always seem to get into a zone later in the night when I throw the Beats by Dre on…open Photoshop…and go to work. Tonight I came up with a pretty dope(in my opinion)wallpaper of none other than Mr. Tunechi. Personally this is one of my favorite wallpaper’s to date. 2012 should be full of awesome new artwork from me as I try to take what I do to another level.

What do you guys think of this one?

And remember to be on the lookout for more details on the relaunch of DieboltClothing…coming very soon!

Tyga ft. Lil Wayne- “Faded” Unofficial Cover


Well Tyga welcomed in the new year by releasing his new single titled “Faded” ft. Lil Wayne! Song is pretty good…but then  again I am ALWAYS up for some new Wayne.

Of course because I was ‘in the lab’ I came up with a cover for the song pretty fast. What do you guys think?

“Faded. Faded. Faded”

Lil Wayne “Greatest of All Time” Sig

waynegoat copy

Yup, another Lil Wayne sig. It’s getting close to the release of the highly anticipated album “Tha Carter IV” so you should probably expect another Wayne piece or two here on DieboltDesigns in the coming weeks. This sig in particular came out well. It took me about an hour to complete. I feel like it’s one of my better sigs.

Be on the lookout today for more pieces exclusive to DieboltDesigns!


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