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OFFICIAL: Lil Twist “UFO” Ft. Juicy J Cover




DieboltDesigns collaborates with Young Money artist Lil Twist for the OFFICIAL “UFO” single artwork! Song dropping soon!

Shoutout to Mazy and Twist. Much love.

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Drake “Hold On We’re Going Home” Cover

howgh copy


No, it doesn’t fit the song. No, I don’t care.

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Drake “All Me” Cover

allme copy

NWTS SEPTEMBER 17 17 17 17


New school spin on an old school look.

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Rich Gang Cover

rg copy



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Drake “Nothing Was The Same” Cover

nwts2 copy

I’m having TOO much fun with this style, people. Tell me Aubrey wouldn’t think this is dope tho..

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“Big Tymers” (Birdman, Mannie Fresh, Lil Wayne & Drake) Cover

bigtymers copy


Brought it back to the year 2000 with this one. I love it. CASH MONEY RECORDS.

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Chanel West Coast “Now You Know” Cover

nyk copy

Chanel West Coast’s new mixtape “Now You Know” drops at 12 PM PST on 7/9! She asked for some fan made cover art on Twitter and DieboltDesigns delivered. Enjoy Chanel! You have my support! YM!



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OFFICIAL: Lil Twist “Still In This B*tch” Cover by DieboltDesigns

SITB copy

DieboltDesigns is proud to present the official cover art for Lil Twist’s new freestyle “Still In This Bitch” off his upcoming mix tape. This is the 2nd official cover for Lil Twist by DieboltDesigns(Contact was the first).

Listen to the song below…Twist has killed all his recent material…Wake Up!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Young Mula baby!

Lil Wayne “Love.Live.Life” Poster

love copy2


As anyone who knows me as a person knows, I’m quite the fan and follower of Lil Wayne. He’s influenced A LOT of my artwork and myself as a person over the years. Unfortunately Wayne hasn’t been doing well over the last couple days. Terrible news that has myself and everyone else scared and upset. All we can do is hope and pray he recovers as soon as possible. As a huge fan of Wayne I can’t imagine losing him as a inspiration and influence. He has his kids and family who he obviously means the world to…and that’s the most important thing. As a fan I can only pray he recovers as soon as possible so he can be with his family. I don’t NEED his music but his kids surely need him as their dad.

Like I said, prayers go out to Weezy and his family. Here’s to a full recovery as soon as possible! Love.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about the poster! Also, comment with your get well messages for Wayne!


TAP OUT copy

Sometime later today Birdman is dropping the first “Rich Gang” single featuring himself, Weezy, Nicki and Future. I slept on the idea for the cover and had to wake up and make it happen.

UPDATE: THIS COVER IS NOT AND NEVER EVER WAS OFFICIAL. Yes I have done some official work in the past but this is simply a cover for personal use or for people to look at. When making the cover I searched through images on Google and found the mask that I used….just so happens that it’s associated with some “Stompdown” group. Never heard of them until this cover was released and I never intended to use their logo. Sorry if anyone feels like this is “stealing” but it definitely was not intended in that way. By doing some research there are other places that use this silhouette and seem to be making profit off of it…for example if you search Ski Mask Movement a clothing brand appears using the same logo. They are claiming it as their own and I certainly am not.

ALSO…by doing some research I have found that the logo for “Stompdown” is the same thing/very very similar to what you get when you use the live trace feature on Adobe Illustrator on the below image…

…nothing wrong with that. That’s fine. But my point is that someone else could and is likely to simply “live trace” that image in the future thus recreating the same logo that “Stompdown” uses.

So in conclusion, I used the silhouette that I used because that’s all it was…a silhouette. I had no way of knowing but now that I do I am in fact giving credit to “Stompdown” as they claim it as their logo.

And once again, this cover is not and never was official.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Drake “Started From The Bottom” Cover (#2)


Well I swear this started as just a personal project. I’ve been into hand drawn stuff lately and wanted to do a poster. I decided to mess around and try to come up with something based on the picture Drake posted on the October’s Very Own blog for “Started From The Bottom”…and then I just naturally came up with a cover a couple hours later. This obviously isn’t my normal style but it’s definitely a direction I’m headed in. I figure since Drake is trying something different with his single I might as well try something different with my artwork.

Yes I could’ve used the same font seen on the billboard in the picture, but I didn’t. This is a representation of the picture. Not meant to be perfect.


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OFFICIAL: Lil Chuckee “She Don’t Understand” Cover


Check out the FOURTH official cover for Young Money and the second for Lil Chuckee by DieboltDesigns! Be on the lookout for more DieboltDesigns x Lil Chuckee projects in the near future!!!

Listen to “She Don’t Understand(My Life)” now on HOTNEWHIPHOP:

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OFFICIAL: Lil Twist “Contact” Cover by DieboltDesigns

contactFINAL copy


DieboltDesigns is proud to present yet another official cover for a Young Money artist; this time for Lil Twist and his new single “Contact” which is due out soon. This was a fun cover to work on and the communication and assistance of @Mazy is greatly appreciated. Go check out Lil Twist’s Twitter page(@LilTwist) to see the cover as his avatar and background!

Be on the lookout for more details regarding the single in the coming days!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


“I Set Out To Be Me.” Lil Wayne Poster



These are inspiring words for me that I included in this poster. It’s what i think everyone should live by in a way. Who cares what other people say…you gotta do you. You won’t live your life to the fullest if you don’t be yourself and think independently. You love to skate and your friends play football? Good. Keep skating. You’re a girl who loves basketball and your friends like butterflies and rainbows? KEEP BALLIN! DO YOU. The only reason I do ‘DieboltDesigns’ and am starting a clothing brand is because I do my own thing. If I was scared to be myself, I wouldn’t have any of this going for me.

Lil Wayne “I Am Not A Human Being 2″ Cover (Nirvana Edition)

waynenirvannaIANAHB2 copy

No secret that Mr. Carter is a huge Nirvana fan. A fw days ago, DJ Scoob Doo posted a picture on Twitter of inside’s Weezy’s house where he had a huge custom cover very similar to the one above(minus the LIL WAYNE logo and ‘I Am Not A Human Being II’ text). So of course I had to work some magic and do a cover. Someone else did one over on before me and it inspired me to make my own. Notice the extra tattoos added to the face(More than what was on original) and the tattoos on the body. I didn’t do arms because it would’ve been difficult to find pictures to match and quite time consuming.

ALSO….huge news! Wayne’s first single off ‘I Am Not A Human Being II” drops tomorrow! It could feature Big Sean….we’ll just have to wait and see! I’m pumped!


Curren$y ‘The Stoned Immaculate’ Cover Art Contest Entry

TSIcontest copy

Okay guys, I’m gonna need YOUR help. Curren$y is holding a contest for the best alternate official cover artwork. Starting on April 23rd you can vote for my cover in the contest. I’m super excited about this because I feel like I could possibly have a shot at this. You don’t know how honored I would be to win something like this.

My cover description on the contest site:

Curren$y can see through the tragedy and comedy. He is pure. He is free from sin and corruption. He is “The Stoned Immaculate”.

For now you can ‘Support’ me and you will receive a notification to vote when the time comes!


Lil Wayne- I Am Not A Human Being II Unofficial Cover

I am not a human being official_edited-1

It was announced by Birdman around a week ago that Wayne has finished I Am Not A Human Being II and it will be out by summer. Of course, I immediately had to start working on a cover. In my opinion this is one of my best covers. It definitely was fun to work on and I love the outcome.

And obviously the background image is a sonagram of a baby. I decided to Wayne-ify it by adding some dates, numbers and words that have to do with Wayne and the who ‘not a human being’ theme.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about this cover!

Lil Wayne Spray Paint Style Wallpaper


What can I say? I always seem to get into a zone later in the night when I throw the Beats by Dre on…open Photoshop…and go to work. Tonight I came up with a pretty dope(in my opinion)wallpaper of none other than Mr. Tunechi. Personally this is one of my favorite wallpaper’s to date. 2012 should be full of awesome new artwork from me as I try to take what I do to another level.

What do you guys think of this one?

And remember to be on the lookout for more details on the relaunch of DieboltClothing…coming very soon!

Tyga ft. Lil Wayne- “Faded” Unofficial Cover


Well Tyga welcomed in the new year by releasing his new single titled “Faded” ft. Lil Wayne! Song is pretty good…but then  again I am ALWAYS up for some new Wayne.

Of course because I was ‘in the lab’ I came up with a cover for the song pretty fast. What do you guys think?

“Faded. Faded. Faded”

Lil Wayne “Sorry 4 The Wait” Unofficial Mixtape Cover

s4tw cover copy

Tunechi’s Back! Lil Wayne just released a new song off his upcoming mixtape, Sorry 4 The Wait, tonight and the internet is blowing up over it! It was also announced that the whole mixtape will be released next Wednesday(July 13th)! I thought it was an appropriate time to release a Sorry 4 The Wait mixtape cover by DieboltDesigns…Hey YMCMB; If your reading this, you can use this as the official cover if you would like! ;)

EDIT(7/14)- The mixtape was officially released yesterday, as well as my wallpaper for the mixtape. I decided to throw together a new version of my mixtape cover to match the wallpaper and the official cover a little better.Enjoy!

*The title “Sorry 4 The Wait” relates to his upcoming major album Tha Carter 4 because it was pushed back several times.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Drake Unofficial TAKE CARE Cover

take care cover finalbasic

Unofficial Regular Album Version

Unofficial Deluxe Album Version

I have been sitting on these covers debating with myself whether or not to drop these on my site. I actually sent the basic idea of these cover’s to Cortez Bryant Management a while ago…but as expected no response. It would have been nice to at least hear back from them saying they dont take cover design submissions or that they already have a cover or a designer. Oh well…we’ll see how my cover’s hold up against the real thing when it Take Care drops this fall.

And I have to say, these covers are 2 of my favorites pieces I have ever done. I love the way they turned out and they look official. I fully expect to see these on some of the Rap and Hip Hop blogs soon.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

PS: Everyone should Tweet at Drake and tell him to check these out!

Lil Wayne Unofficial MTV Unplugged Covers!

Lil Wayne’s MTV Unplugged aired tonight on MTV and he performed some of his biggest hits. He also performed Tupac’s Hail Mary and a new song called Nightmares of the Bottom.

Due to popular demand I unofficially produced a few covers for MP3 files from Unplugged. Feel free to use them when you download the audio, or the official audio becomes available via MTV for your computer or iPod.

Tha Carter 4 Unofficial Poster


Tha Carter IV, Lil Wayne’s next and most highly anticipated album, drops August 29th. It’s already being speculated that it will be a classic. That’s where the inspiration for this piece came from. I wanted a classic old movie poster feel. The black and white coloring and weathering effect makes the poster feel old when you look at it. There is a hidden but pretty clever fact about this poster and if you find out what it is I will send you a free DieboltDesigns sticker. Yes a sticker…it’s better than nothing!

If I get 5 guesses in the comments I will give a clue as to what I am looking for….other wise you are on your own! It could be anything! *You likely need to pull up the image in Photoshop to figure out what it is.*

UPDATE! JUNE 9th! New clue! 2 objects in this image are ‘#the album initials times 3′!

UPDATE 2: Contest has ended. The correct answer was the fact that the 2 circles between the date have the color code of “#C4C4C4″. Thanks to those who entered! Sorry that no one could win!

In order to win you must post in the comments section!

Click the poster to pull up the full sized image!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


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